What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are highly trained, college-educated physicians and experts in spinal function, injury prevention, posture, exercise, rehabilitation, and many other areas of sports, health, and mental stability.


Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to properly analyze and correct subluxations/blockages in the spine (skewed position in the spine that puts constant pressure on vital nerves and interferes with the optimal functioning of the body). These subluxations result in declining health and various physical complaints.


The Chiropractor focuses on restoring normal movement of the spine and the correct position of the vertebrae. Misalignment, imbalance and subluxations have a profound, negative effect on your nervous system and on how we experience our lives.


What can I expect during my initial consultation?

During your first appointment, the chiropractor will do a thorough intake discussing your health history and symptoms and relating your symptoms to possible stressors in your life. You will have a physical examination focusing on functionality and not just where it is painful. You will be given a postural analysis to determine your posture and how it is linked to your health. Please bring your BSN and health insurance number to the initial consultation and put on comfortable clothing. 

How many treatments (adjustments) will I need?

The number of treatments varies and depends greatly on your age, stress factors, how long the symptoms have been present and your recovery process. Of course, this is strongly linked to how well you take care of your body. During the second visit, the chiropractor will discuss the treatment plan for your recovery, tailored to meet your goals as soon as possible. You will receive a reevaluation after several adjustments to determine your
progress. If appropriate, your chiropractor will work closely with the physical therapist to help you achieve your health goals. 

What is that cracking sound and is it painful?

Similar to the knuckles in your hand, each vertebra of the spine has a joint capsule that surrounds and protects the joint by keeping it lubricated. Within these capsules is a small amount of gas that escapes and makes a sound as the joint is gently returned to its normal position. Usually this feels like a release of tension and most people enjoy the process and even find it relaxing.

How do I know if I/my family needs chiropractic care?

You do not have to be in pain to visit a chiropractor. The bones of your spine are responsible for protecting your fragile nervous system. Your nervous system is known as the main control system because it regulates and controls all systems, including your circulatory, organ, respiratory, and muscular systems to name a few! Just as it is important to start consulting a dentist as early as possible for our dental care, it is also essential to have a trained professional look at your spine and nervous system. Anyone with a spine needs a chiropractor.

Do I need a doctor's referral and will chiropractic care be reimbursed?

No, chiropractors can assess and treat a physical complaint without a referral from a (primary) physician. Most health insurance companies reimburse chiropractic care if you have supplementary insurance. Usually it falls under the coverage of alternative medicine and reimbursement varies by package. You will receive an invoice from us after each consultation which you can submit to your health insurance company. 

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