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Welcome to our practice, where a friendly atmosphere and dedicated staff offer you the best. We are the Chiropractor in Bussum, only an 8-minute drive from Hilversum. Our specialty lies in back and neck complaints treatments. We are ready to improve your well-being with personal care. Discover why maintaining a healthy body is essential for a better quality of life. 

Your healthier today and better tomorrow starts here

With us you will not only receive treatments for back problems; you get the support you need to feel optimal about yourself.

As your Chiropractor in Bussum, around the corner from Hilversum, we focus on treatments that not only address the symptoms, but also have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. Discover the holistic approach to health we offer.

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Steps to Wellness: Our Intake Procedure

Our intake procedure is designed to provide you with personalized care. It starts with planning a date that works for you. You then describe the complaints you have. We will then schedule a date together to visit you.

During your first visit, we will determine together the treatment that can best help you. For us it is not just about the treatment, but about understanding your needs and goals. Plan your free telephone intake now and take the first step towards health. 

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Our working method



Here we determine the baseline of your health. This will be determined by our composite diagnostic scans and discussing your history.



Refinement phase

Working from the start of your health problems towards a better normal. You often need 2 to 3 times a week to start.


Stabilization phase

Once the better normal has been established, it is necessary to ensure that it remains the new normal.



Maintenance phase

Our job is to ensure improvements and check in on how you are doing so you can live your best life.

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More than 100 reviews with 5 stars

Merve Karakas
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Zeer, zeer tevreden over de behandelingen, professionaliteit en de mederwerks/behandelaars! Uit de optiek van een kanker patient kan ik zeggen dat ik veel fijner mijn dagen door breng in het leven, in vergelijking voor mijn ontmoeting met Posturefixx! Ik raad het iedereen aan die met klachten, PDS, obstipatie en andere talloze klachten lopen!
Kees Capteyn
Read More
Volledig van mijn rugpijn verlost. Na eerste intensieve reeks van 15 behandelingen Ook houding sterk verbeterd, veel rechtere rug. Zeker een aanbeveling. Alex is bovendien zeer symphtieke man.
Martijn Iseke
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Goed geholpen met het verminderen van de klachten in mijn rug en de stand van mijn lichaam. Uiteindelijk gaat het er ook om hoeveel tijd en energie je buiten de behandelingen om stopt in de oefeningen die je mee krijgt. Anders vertraag je het proces. Professionele aanpak en zeer vriendelijke mensen van Posturefixx. Zeker aan te raden!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers to questions about chiropractic
and Posturefixx you can visit our FAQ page.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are highly trained, university-educated physicians and experts in spinal function, injury prevention, posture, exercise, rehabilitation and many other areas of sports, health and mental stability.

Do I need a doctor's referral and is chiropractic care reimbursed?

No, chiropractors can assess and treat a physical complaint without a referral from a doctor. Most health insurance policies reimburse chiropractic care if you have additional insurance. It is usually covered by alternative medicine and the reimbursement varies per package.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments varies and is highly dependent on your age, stress factors, how long the complaints have been present and your recovery process. Of course, this is strongly linked to how well you take care of your body.

The number of treatments varies and is highly dependent on your age, stress factors, how long the complaints have been present and your recovery process. Of course, this is strongly linked to how well you take care of your body.

How do I know if I/my family needs chiropractic care?

You don’t have to be in pain to visit a chiropractor. The bones of your spine are responsible for protecting your fragile nervous system. Your nervous system is known as the master control system because it regulates and controls all systems, including your circulatory system, organs, breathing, and muscular system to name a few!

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