Meet the Posturefixx team

Posturefixx employs the best chiropractors and staff from different parts of the world.
We invest in ongoing training and education of our staff, and our inclusive, customer-focused culture is what makes the Posturefixx team different from all others. 

Meet the Chiropractors

Dr. Alexander Yu

Bsc Doctor of Chiropractic

I first worked in Canada for 5 years before deciding to work in the Netherlands. In Canada, I specialized in motor vehicle accidents and concussions. I am currently working on growing posturefixx and providing care to the Dutch community and hopefully many more.

Nick Bunger

Bsc M.Chiro

Hello, my name is Nick. I am from sunny South Africa. I have been working as a chiropractor in the Netherlands since 2016. As a chiropractor I would like to show people how great their body and life can be. I believe we are all part of the balance of nature and the closer we can be to it, the more we can enjoy happiness and health in ourselves and those around us. I look forward to sharing my time with you.  

Dr. Holly Schonberger

Bachelors of Psychology

Hello, my name is Dr. Holly and I am from the USA. I have been practicing as a chiropractor bsince 2019, and I have practiced in both the USA and NL. I specialize in soft technique approaches and have treated people of all ages. My passion and expertise is working with people who have experienced concussions and/or traumatic brain injuries. I look forward to meeting you! 

Meet the chiropractic consultants

Anne de Heer

Chiropractic advisor

My name is Anne. I grew up in Sliedrecht. To study Communication and Information Sciences at UU, I moved to Utrecht in 2014, and fell in love with the city. Every now and then I lived abroad for a period of time, because I love to travel a lot, but Utrecht has really
become my home. After my studies I entered the HR / recruitment world, where I further  developed my passion to help people find a good job. But it doesn’t stop there, I have always been interested in helping people. So I also did a lot of volunteer work and have always had an interest in healthcare. I saw what effects chiropractic had on people, and found this so
interesting that I wanted to study it as well. I currently work as an advisor for Posturefixx and
am a chiropractic student.

Anne Mulder

Chiropractic advisor

Hi, I’m Anne, 22 years old and I’m from Huizen. I am graduating in 2022 for my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Psychology remains my greatest passion and I will be pursuing a Master in this from September 2023. The relationship between body and mind interests me enormously and this is what I am working on. This is also what surprised me about chiropractic, because this is also an important starting point here. Furthermore, I love going into nature or being creative at home, I am never bored. But my greatest love is my faithful Golden Retriever Joep! 

Alexandra Farkas

Chiropractic advisor

My name is Alexandra and I have lived in the Netherlands since I was 16 years old. I did my studies in business and management and went to work in the logistics world, where I had been working a lot with operational processes. I find it very interesting how things are put together and how to make them better and more efficient. Besides this, I was always curious about people and their life stories. For the past 6 years I have been working as a volunteer at care homes and with children. Fascinating how freely children can move and later in life we lose this free connection with our bodies. I would like people to find their way to be able to maintain this connection.

Lativa Lynch

Chiropractic advisor

It is my belief that restoring balance between body and mind is essential for a fulfilled life. My work is my passion, and I am determined to help people restore their well-being no matter what challenges they face.

Besides my work, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: the beautiful nature and the freedom it has to offer. I give space to my creative side, enjoy riding motorcycles and always look for new ways to challenge and develop myself.

I have walked different paths over the years, but one thing has remained constant: my passion for working with people. I invite you to explore my website further and discover how I can guide you to a life of balance, well-being and resilience.  

Meet the massage therapists

Dianne Boothroyd

Massage therapist

Dianne has her roots in England but has lived in the Netherlands since 2000. She acquired her diplomas and certificates in England, Australia and the Netherlands at renowned training institutes. Since February 2007 she has held the TouchPro® certificate for chair massage. 

Petri Anne van Dijk

Massage therapist

While living and teaching in Bali, I became very interested in traditional Balinese massage because its purpose, like yoga, is to restore balance between body and mind. In 2019, I ncompleted an intuitive Balinese massage course at Krishna Village Eco Yoga retreat, Australia with Caren & Dee, and became a certified massage practitioner. Shortly after, I started working at a wellness center in Australia.  

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